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Microgreens are essentially baby plants, which are germinated when seeds are planted densely close together. "They are the tender, green edible plants which are consumed at the two leaf stage," What you are essentially eating when consuming microgreens is the strength or energy of the seed. Nutrient packed they can give you more than 40X the value of the full grown plant
About me

Hi, I am Jacques a Micro Green Urban farmer.
I live in Cape Town South Africa with my wife
and 2 beautiful children. For 20 years I worked
in the IT industry. At the beginning of June 2021.            I was retrenched, instead of seeing this as a set
back I decided to start growing and selling
microgreens. I love watching them grow,
nurturing them daily. They have improved my
family's life as we now eat healthy fresh food
and by selling them I hope to change others
lives too.


- As a garnish for salads, soups, flatbreads or pizzas.

- To add nutritional value to a juice or smoothie.

- As a side to any main dish.

- To add flavour and colour to an omelet or frittata.

- As an alternative to lettuce in tacos or a burger or sandwich.

- Herb microgreens can also add flavour to sweet dishes.

- Or just eat it as a snack.

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- Microgreens contain more vitamins and antioxidants than mature Vegetables.
- Sustainable.
- Superfoods.
- Organic.
- Good for people with poor kidney function.
- Reduces risk and symptoms of chronic diseases.
- a Way to get your kids to eat healthier.
- Good for gut health.
- a Little goes a long way.


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